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The Ultimate Act of Self-Love is


What if I told you that

self-compassion is a predictor of success and a key contributor to happiness?

How might your life instantly improve if you learned to be gentler with yourself?

Why should you join a 4-week clinic devoted to self-compassion?

The latest research is too powerful to ignore.

Self-compassionate people are

  • Less depressed and anxious

  • More satisfied with life

  • Less co-dependent

  • More resilient

  • Less hindered by physical pain

  • More proactive and motivated to make change

Every woman's growth journey should start and end with self-compassion.

Image by Madison Oren
Image by Amy Shamblen

You already know the damage your doubt and criticism are doing.

The judgment and comparison are making you feel inferior.

Wishing you looked like you did 10 years ago is creating shame around your physical appearance.

The constant drive to be productive is making you feel increasingly disconnected and depleted.

You have a hard time recalling what you enjoyed before you felt so burdened by obligations.

Let's change things!

Spend 4 fun and intensive weeks with me learning how to incorporate self-compassion into your life.

Putting the concepts you learn into practice will fast-track your personal growth like nothing you've ever done before.

60-minute group sessions will be held once a week at 8 pm EST on Wednesdays
starting February 22, 2023.

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During The Self-Compassion Clinic you will learn...

How to use self-compassion to get through difficult times

How to incorporate self-compassion practices into daily life

How to deactivate your fight or flight response

How to silence the inner critic and treat yourself as well as you treat friends and family

Recover faster from setbacks

Boost your creativity and productivity

Spend less time overthinking

Build confidence and self-esteem

theresa h_edited.png

Early on I became identified with being a people pleaser who put everything and everyone before myself. As an adult, I felt stuck in this expected role. Sarah helped me see myself with more compassion allowing me to feel safe putting my needs first. The patterns from the past don't have to be my future. Now I'm reclaiming my health, telling a new story, and setting boundaries.

Theresa H., New Jersey

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