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What clients are saying...

Melissa M., Ohio

"For quite some time I had felt as though I was floundering in my career and in my personal life.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted or how to focus on coming up with a plan for my future. As happy and fulfilled as I was with my family, I still had an itch to be something more, but I didn’t quite know what it was. 

And then I connected with Sarah.  She taught me to change my way of thinking, that’s okay for me to put myself first, and, perhaps most importantly, that I’m making progress even if I can’t see it.  She painted the principles of HBR with a positive and inspiring brush that even I, a skeptic of “self-help”, saw my future, my dreams in an attainable light.  She even managed to awaken dreams that lay dormant inside me for years! 


Sarah's gentle encouragement and patient demeanor allowed me to remember the things I always wanted for myself, and by extension, for my family.  Now I have goals (many of them!), and each is attainable as long as I’m willing to put in the work.  I’m EXCITED to make the effort.  I’m EXCITED to be on the journey.  I’m EXCITED to visualize my dreams and make them REALITY! 


Sarah opened me up to what I thought was impossible.  I can’t thank her enough for helping me see myself as a work-in-progress and as a woman worthy of greatness.  Things are manifesting as I write this.  If you want your life to change and are willing to work for it, then Sarah is the exact right life coach -- she will guide you with kindness, encouragement, and a loving hand."  


Rachel B., New Jersey


I started coaching with Sarah because I felt stuck in several areas of my life and didn’t understand why I wasn’t moving forward or making progress.  Sarah was a guest speaker in a book group I belonged to that was exploring Sarah Centrella’s book #Futureboards, and her answers to the group’s questions were so helpful that I put working with her as a coach on my 2020 #futureboard.  That was my first manifestation from this board!  

We immediately set to work on changing the negative and critical messaging in my mind, and it became clear during the weeks of coaching that I had lost the belief that my actions could actually impact the areas of my life that were challenging for me.  Sarah helped reassure me that aiming for a series of smaller wins would give me the momentum I needed to make big changes over time.  

In six short weeks, I’ve found joy in my health and wellness and lost weight,  signed up to walk a 15K, and increased my self-confidence, and I’ve also been able to pay down $11,000 in debt.  I created a #futureboard that’s full of meaningful dreams, which inspires me to stay connected to my “why” every day. 


Coaching with Sarah has made such a difference in my life so quickly that I signed on for another package! 

Aleshia H., Illinois

Life Coaching gets a bad rap sometimes. I can't think of a single person who couldn't benefit from working with a coach whose job it is to optimize performance. Just like we keep a team of friends, mentors, and trainers around us, I consider a life coach just another part of my support system. So when I googled "life coaches near me" I was excited to find Sarah.

We decided to start with the 6-week package because I wanted to be sure it was a solid fit.  I found Sarah to be super encouraging, but also not afraid to ask me tough questions. Naturally, things about my past behaviors and limiting beliefs came up. Sometimes it was painful but I always felt seen and heard.   


My favorite part was making the #futureboard because that's when you really get to focus on what your heart's greatest desires are. It is such an exciting, heart-opening process! Honestly, it's like she says...If you aren't feeling your life, go ahead and make some changes, girl! Nobody is going to do that work for you!


Tasha W., North Carolina



Coaching clients have had amazing outcomes:

An editor for her new book!

$11,000 to pay off debt!

$8,000 she wasn't expecting!

A trip to Florida!

A conceal-carry course she wanted!

A piece of her artwork sold to collector!

A meeting with investors!

An interaction with favorite celebrities!

A transformed relationship with son!

New garden make-over!

...And countless goals achieved! 

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