Sometimes in life we get stuck. 

All we really need is a guide.

2019-10-15 Sarah Branding _ Traci Huffma

HBR Method Coaching

A 10-week course that follows the Hustle Believe Recieve Method for manifesting your life's dreams.

2019-10-15 Sarah Branding _ Traci Huffma

#Futureboard Workshop

A hands-on workshop, ideal for groups, where I instruct participants how to futurecast their life.

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Weekly Coaching Sessions

An ala cart offering that makes situational coaching more accessible.

HBR Method Coaching

Adulting is hard. I get it, because I’ve been there. It wasn’t until I was introduced to the HBR Method that things finally clicked for me and I could see my true potential.


As a self-professed self-improvement junkie, I’ve read countless books on the subject. But nothing quite got my attention like this method. Now I get to teach it to you and watch your life change!  

This 10-week course is based on Master Life Coach Sarah Centrella’s 8-step Hustle Believe Receive Method and uses personal coaching, course work, and homework assignments to help you build the life of your dreams. 


Her book by the same name, coupled with our one-on-one coaching sessions, guide you through the steps. We start with visualizing the life you want and end with a plan, along with a healthy dose of manifestation and a #Futureboard to help call your dream life home!


#Futureboard Workshop

Your thoughts create your reality…

Maybe you’ve heard this claim before. But have you ever stopped to think about what shows up in your life and why? 


Everything is energy. That which we give our energy to is drawn to us. Therefore we MUST be intentional in order to attract more of what we desire. Once you understand this concept, you understand the power you have to change your life! 

Creating a #Futureboard is the ultimate exercise in intentional energy. The approach is unique, this is definitely NOT your typical vision board workshop! After some foundational work the hands-on portion begins on Pinterest. Because the process takes effort, you’ll complete your physical board on your own but you’ll leave with a virtual version.

The #Futureboards Workshop again leverages the work of renown master life coach and best-selling author, Sarah Centrella. Using her proven method I’ll show you or your group exactly how to start manifesting like crazy!


Weekly Coaching Sessions 

Work with a coach who GETS IT! When I couldn’t pass physics, I got a tutor. When I wanted to get in shape for my wedding, I hired a trainer. When my money required managing, I found a financial advisor. 


A success coach helps you up-level your life. Why spend another year unhappy when you could be feeling confident, capable and calm.

Work with me for a 4 or 6 week commitment to take stock of where you’re stuck and learn actionable steps you can take to immediately improve the quality of your life.


Each week there are new skills to master in between coaching calls. Move forward into your future with excitement!


Meet Your Coach

I was personally trained as a coach by best-selling author and Master Life Coach, Sarah Centrella! She’s coached thousands of people including NBA stars, Super Bowl champions and high achieving female entrepreneurs. Her method for bringing about desired change has caught the attention of international audiences through her books, speaking engagements, workshops and retreats. Check her out on Instagram or on her website, and see the incredible results she's delivered clients! 

I also employ my own proven strategies for driving personal break-throughs. Drawing on my graduate studies and 18 years in Corporate America I rely heavily on development theory and interpersonal dynamics to help women build their dream life.


As a presenter I got my start teaching leadership courses on the college level. Today I'm a frequent presenter to women's groups, something I've traveled across the country doing for 8 years. During the 18 years I spent as a corporate executive I took countless management courses and traveled the world. Supervising and mentoring others was always my favorite part of the job.


I come alive when I help someone experience an ah-ha moment about their own possibilities, their own dreams.


I would love to help you thrive!

2019-10-15 Sarah Branding _ Traci Huffma