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2019-10-15 Sarah Branding _ Traci Huffma

Calm Confidence Coaching

Achieve calm confidence by growing in self-awareness and clarifying who you are now, and where you want to be.

2019-10-15 Sarah Branding _ Traci Huffma

Week-to-week Coaching

Ideal for women who want to set a financial boundary or a specific self-development goal.

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Visioning Session

If your thoughts are a jumbled mess, book a single 60-minute session, and let's figure it out!

HBR coaching


Looking for a speaker for your organization, club, or team? Need a podcast guest? There are 3 talks I give that can be made 15, 30, or 45 minutes in length. Or I can develop a customized presentation based on your needs.

Let's discuss it over the phone! 

Marketing Support

So many of the women I've worked with end up starting a new business that I decided to add this service as an option. 

Book this service if you want to understand branding, messaging, lead generation basics, content creation, social media, and email marketing.

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Weekly coaching

Meet Your Coach

I went from an overwhelmed, disconnected mom on autopilot to a calm and confident woman on a mission. You can too!


For years I took the safe path, pushing away the call to do something more impactful with my talents. One thing I knew for sure, I was GREAT at listening. But in my hectic corporate life with a 3-hour daily commute, there wasn't much time for listening.  I took a hard look at my life and decided there was a better way. Honoring my passion meant sacrificing less important things, but it was totally worth it. Now I help other women clarify whom they want to be for THIS stage of life.


I was personally trained as a coach by best-selling author and Master Life Coach, Sarah Centrella! She’s coached thousands of people including NBA stars, Super Bowl champions, and high-achieving female entrepreneurs. I have a Master's Degree in Human Development and like to ensure clients understand the neuroscience behind why we sometimes need help getting out of our own way. I've been coaching women long enough now to have developed my own unique method for delivering results in just two months!


Today I'm a frequent presenter to women's groups, something I've traveled across the country doing for 12 years. I love the moment when something clicks, and a door to possibility is opened!


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Let's do this!



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