Join up to 6 other women and me as we work through the 8-Step HBR Method! For just $35 a week you will experience everything that is offered in the 1-on-1 experience for a FRACTION of the cost! 

Group Coaching

  • In addition to the 8 Steps, you will learn:

    - What the behavior chain is (Trigger>Thought>Feeling>Action>Outcome) and how to influence outcomes by changing any of the other factors

    - The definition of metacognition and what it means in relation to changing your thoughts

    - The power of using Micro-actions to complete the tasks when something feels overwhelming

    - To track your wins as a means of focusing on the POSITIVE and not the negative

    - About negativity bias and why our brains are wired to see a possible threat.

    - How to identify cognitive distortions and some tips for removing mindset blocks

    - What the reticular activating system is, why it matters, and how to use it to your advantage

    - How to dream for your life and visualize this new way of living

    - Why daily habits get you to where you want to be

    - Elon Musk's time blocking method for prioritizing your day.