This package is for a highly personalized #futureboard workshop either in-person or via zoom. It takes place over 2 sessions (60-minutes each)


Session 1- During the first session, we explore your starting point -- what isn't working in your life and where you'd like to see improvement. We review what manifestation is and typical blocks, including cognitive distortions, people have. I assign two homework activities that must be completed before the second session. 


Session 2- We review your homework and jump into the tutorial. From there you finish making the physical board on your own, as it takes about a week to complete.

#Futureboard Workshop (1-on-1)

  • This is an intensely private yet intentional process. It takes time to uncover some of your deepest desires and happiness factors. But once you know, you will begin living in a way that supports your dreams! This workshop is equal parts deep personal discovery and tutorial. Participants leave with clarity and a visual representation of the life theyire intentiinally building!