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My best tips for decision-making success

Every day we have between 60,000 and 70,000 thoughts. Among them are thousands of decisions that must be made. From "Should I use milk or almond milk in my coffee?" to "Is it time to refinance the house?", our day is FILLED with decisions, big and small. As the day goes on we experience a phenomenon called 'decision fatigue'.

Have you ever noticed that you and your partner/friend/roommate can't decide what to fix for dinner? That isn't just the result of boredom from the choices. You've had to make thousands of decisions all day long and picking what to eat feels like ONE MORE choice. And yet at the end of the day is often when we want and need to be making good choices, especially when it comes to what we put in our body.

My best tip for avoiding decision fatigue and ensuring success at the end of the day is to remove the obstacle! We are strongest in the morning and most likely to stick to the good habits we're forming. So do the bulk of your decision-making early!

What decisions can you make on Sunday mornings (weekly menu planning and meal prep) that mean fewer decisions when you are burnt out during weeknights?

Similarly, what decisions can you make in the morning (workout clothes pre-packed and ready) so you won't back out after work? Cutting down on the shear number of decisions that need to be made can help make you feel less stress overall.

Knowing WHICH decision make

But what about when you are faced with a choice? Sometimes it is having to decide between two or more options that overwhelms. Let's say you've been offered a job in a big city several hours from where you currently live. What I tell my clients to do is pose several question to yourself:

"Did I ask for this?"

"Is this something I put out into the Universe?"

"Is it possible this is the answer to something I've been actively trying to manifest?"

Usually, when put this way, the client can see recognize if the choice presented is an opportunity.

Other questions that help when making decisions:

"Is this getting me closer to my goals or further away?"

"In 5 years, will I regret this decision or be glad I took a chance?"

"In 5 years, will I care about what the cost was?"

I've made some really BIG decisions in my life. Many of them scary. But what I know for sure is that in every single decision there is opportunity for learning. There is no right or wrong path, the path will just be different based on how we choose. And of course, having choice IS a blessing in itself. Relax, and enjoy the matter where it leads!



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