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Podcasts & Press

A collection of podcasts and articles I've been featured in, discussing life as a female entrepreneur, marketer, & coach.


Women's Social Club Podcast

What an honor to be the first guest interviewed by Hannah Weisberg for The Women's Social Club Podcast!  


Triangle 411 Podcast

Trusted, long-time print and broadcast journalist, Mary Insprucker, produces and hosts Triangle 411. On this episode we discuss why people think external situations will generate internal happiness. 



The Candidly 

The Candidly did a lovely write-up of the viral TikTok series I made in 2021.  The series ended up being 9 videos about the things my mom said to me and my brother to let us know we were unconditionally loved.  Click HERE to read the article.


Canvas Rebel

Canvas Rebel printed a 'get-to-know-me' piece about why I felt called to coaching.  I hope you feel inspired by my story because it certainly has had its ups and downs! Click HERE to read the article.



Literary Assistance

I had my own podcast with friend and co-host Melissa Makarewicz for a while and you can listen to the 20+ episodes HERE! 


Voyage Raleigh

Voyage Raleigh featured me in their Hidden Gems series. I am thankful for the spotlight on me and my business, but mostly that I got to share my "why". Click HERE to read the article.



Have me on your podcast!

One of my FAVORITE activities is being a guest on podcasts! If you're looking for new content and think I'd be a good fit you can access my Media Kit HERE.


Speaker Slot

I'm ready to speak at your book club, company, or playgroup! Click HERE for my media kit. 

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