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Healthy relationships are built on honesty and respect

But identifying problematic people and behavior can be

seriously anxiety-producing

Take the guesswork out of establishing healthy boundaries with my FREE 19-page workbook!

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In the workbook you’ll find

5 respectful ways to create healthy boundaries

10 ways to say ‘no’ while maintaining the relationship

4 tips for setting boundaries with confidence

7 pages of examples, prompts, and self-assessments 

Do you want to start speaking up for yourself in a calm and confident manner?

Do you want to feel safe, and respected by those around you?

Do you want specific examples of what to say in a variety of boundary-setting situations?

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Having examples of what to say—the exact language I could use or alter—was extremely helpful and empowering. As Sarah suggested, I rehearsed and visualized the situation beforehand. As a result, the conversations with my dad have been fruitful. I respect myself more when I ask for what I need.

Gloria F., South Carolina

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