I'm Sarah!

I am passionate about helping women thrive.

I empower women to boldly step into the life of their dreams.

Together we journey from where you are to where you want to be. 

My story has had many twists and turns…

Divorce. Marriage. Motherhood. Loss.

As a woman over 40, I’ve seen some stuff! For years I let fear drive my decisions. The choices I made took me further away from my passion and deeper into a career that didn’t light me up. I know what it’s like to feel trapped. Here’s what I know to be true--- after a while, the small voice inside will start to get louder.

Are you listening?

2019-10-15 Sarah Branding _ Traci Huffma
2019-10-15 Sarah Branding _ Traci Huffma

My Earthquake Moment

Even when you know you aren’t living authentically, it can take a true earth-shattering moment to propel you forward. Time after time the Universe gave me opportunities to make a change, but I kept going back to safety, only to feel like an imposter in my own life. It wasn’t until I lost my mother to cancer that I finally took a big step back and re-evaluated my life. 

Now I’m living MY passion by helping women like you discover YOURS!

It’s your turn to take control and discover your full potential. Be prepared for major ah-ha moments, deep learning and powerful manifestations. Of course it takes some hard work and commitment, but on the other side is freedom. Don’t waste another minute missing out on your dreams!

2019-10-15 Sarah Branding _ Traci Huffma


I dedicate this business to my mother. Her premature passing had a profound effect on me and motivated me to get back to my roots and my passion...helping women succeed. As a Success Coach, I get to witness lives change! Thank you for inspiring and encouraging me, Mom. I intend to pass it on.