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Calm Confidence is...

Loving who you are and knowing where you are going. 

While fulfilling our obligations as wives, mothers, employees, friends, and daughters we often fail to notice the slow abandonment of self.

We wake up one day wondering how it happened.

Person Drinking a Coffee

"I feel so lost"

This statement is commonly made by overwhelmed women who are tired of feeling stressed out and disconnected. Their thoughts are a jumble of judgments, emotions, and expectations. 

What if you could feel completely different...
in just 2 months?

Image by Vitolda Klein

"I don't know who I am or what I want anymore"

The pace of life and the obligations we carry leave little time for women to adjust to the changes happening all around us. We end up feeling lost, confused, and overwhelmed. 

Sometimes all we need is a guide.

What am I going to do now?

The kids have gone off. The marriage is over. The career has ended. These are some of the unsettling changes women, especially later in life, can experience. Some of them we plan for, some we don't. The loss of identity can be disorienting.

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